b'Positive words, powerful resultsFrom battling depression to helping others strugglingM aya knows firsthand the power of friendshipand The Friendship Club.Maya was battling depression after moving to Nevada County from out-of-state, enrolling in a new school and the death of her much-beloved grandmother. Bart Riebe: Friendship Club is the My life had many hardships and I dealt with it by secludingjewel of the community myself, said Maya, who preferred online school and avoided people. I decided I was better off without all the drama andWhen business owner Bart Riebe first heard about The work of being a friend. Friendship Club from a longtime customer and friend yearsThe depressionand never-ending painwas too much ago, it piqued his curiosity to learn more about the organization.for Maya.His friend thought it was one of the best organizations in the I didnt think there was a solutioncommunity, said Riebe, owner of Riebes Auto Parts in Grass to my problems, but eventuallyValley. The company has 22 auto parts stores in the region.I realized that my sufferingI needed to find out more about it.was temporary and did haveRiebe had a meeting with The Friendship Club executive a solution, she said. I saw adirector Jennifer Litton Singer to learn about the organization therapist and she recommendedand its impact on the lives The Friendship Club. of girls in Nevada County. The Friendship Club was just whatRiebe knew Singers Maya needed, when she startedmother, Janeille, and her as a ninth-grader. commitment and integrity.At the first meeting, I saw a group of seemingly carefree girls,I knew it was a legit she said. Everyone was laughing. I was awestruck. Nobodyorganization, Riebe said. It seemed unhappy or hated life. was fun to see that tradition The Friendship Club helps girls address issues, learn newfrom mother to daughter.skills, make new friends and provide much-neededandNow, Riebe calls The appreciatedsupport. Friendship Club the jewel of The Friendship Club is a placethe community, helping girls where girls can talk about theirand young women learn new problems with other girls or staffskills, share experiences and members, Maya said. I loveI want to help grow together. As a parent of seeing everyone joking, laughingothers like three daughters, from pre-teen to one in her early 30s,and having fun. The Friendship Club Riebe knows firsthand the importance of organizations likeThe Friendship Club. He is a frequent donor to the organization.Maya has made the most of Thehas helped me.Friendship Club, from the artI know how scary it can be, especially without a strong workshops and college tours to family foundation, he said. The Friendship Club is meant to summer camps. She graduatedsupport and help girls at risk. They need to get into something. from the program in May 2020. Otherwise, you just kind of muddle along. The activities help strengthen the bonds of friendship, MayaRiebe applauds The Friendship Clubs pro-active approach, said. Through these activities, we also learn more about what weintroducing new programs to connect with newandlike, and dont like, about ourselves. Its a place where makingmoregirls.time for yourself and helping others is encouraged. We want to help the girls ahead of time.And Maya is committed to helping her friends and others struggling with lifes many challenges.I want to help others like The Friendship Club helped me, said Maya, who plans to get her nursing degree. I dont want anyone to feel the way I felt when I was depressed.1 2 2 0 2 0 C O M M U N I T Y R E P O R T | T H E F R I E N D S H I P C L U B'