b'E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O RS L E T T E RExpanding our mission to meet the changing needs of the communityT he strength of our communityNone of this is possible without our donors and volunteers.depends on citizens who see aThe needs of our children are increasing as they deal with need and find a way to meet them. more anxiety, depression and family trauma.Addressing social problems is aAnd, at times, those needs can change dramatically. For tradition The Friendship Club hasexample, with the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter in realized since 1995, when founder Mary Collier recognizedplace order in spring 2020, we had to quickly change how that preteen girls needed connection, role models and awe connect with youth. The Friendship Club ensured the path to success. That tradition continues nearly 25 yearsyouth and their families had healthy meals, our staff and later, as The Friendship Club expands its mission and visionvolunteers kept in contact with youth by phone and video in support of this community. chats, and we made sure therapy appointments continued While our focus has been to provide academic, emotionalvia telehealth. It was not easy, but the efforts were and social support year-round through a far-reachingnecessary to meet our mission.program for girls ages 11 to 18 in Nevada County, the lastYou can count on us, even under the most difficult times, two years have been important for revisioning and creatingto create opportunities for our youth and, in turn, for our a larger footprint in support of vulnerable youth. community to thrive. We have increased the number of girls we work with,Jennifer Litton Singerexpanded to include young men and women ages 16-24Executive Directorwho are experiencing homelessness and provide more comprehensive services.B O A R D P R E S I D E N TS L E T T E RBuilding a better future by addressing current challengesT he Friendship Club is one oftogether to find solutions to social problems. Nevada those uniquely wonderfulCounty has challengesincluding some that were not organizations that if you ever getissues when The Friendship Club started, such as youngthe chance to get involved, in anypeople experiencing homelessness at alarming ratesway, is a true blessing. but we are committed to ensuring youth get the help and The board members, staff and volunteers are second resources they need and deserve.to none in their heartfelt focus to make The Friendship ClubAs one of our past board presidents, Marty Lombardi, says: the go-to organization for serving youth in our community. It takes kind and caring hearts to make a community Watching the young girls of The Friendship Club findthrive. We are grateful for our many collaborations.their way to greater confidence, growing self-efficacy,The Friendship Club is one of the gems in our community blossoming creativity and persevering resourcefulness isthat helps others shine.pure goodness in action. Thank you for your support of such a worthy endeavor.Having developed a stellar reputation during the pastMachen MacDonald25 years for carrying out its mission, community leadersBoard Presidenthave reached out to The Friendship Club in efforts to work 2 0 2 0 C O M M U N I T Y R E P O R T | T H E F R I E N D S H I P C L U B 3'