b'WELLNESS,a foundation for successT he Friendship Club helps meet the needs of youth, fromVolunteers a healthy meal to a safe home. Many young people face extraordinary challenges, from a difficult home life to no 92% help us home at all. Our far-reaching goal is to ensure that everyprovide meals.youth gets what they need in order to succeedand thrive. say The FriendshipClub has helpedQuite often, its a healthy meal.them do better in schoolWe prepare more than 94%5,000 meals every year.say The FriendshipClub has helped them Sometimes, clothes or counseling are needed. On occasion,think positively about finding housing tops the list of needs. their futureAnd, far too often, our youth will need all those things, and so much more. Without assistance from The Friendship Club, a constant struggle becomes more likely than a96%lifetime of success.For example, a healthy diet, something many of us take forsay The Friendshipgranted, can have a dramatic effect on youth. Studies haveClub gives themfound that a balanced diet helps children achieve better in thea safe place to beclassroom and may even avoid depression. Plus, learning the benefits of a well-balanced diet and how to prepare healthier dishesskills we teach through our cooking classescan help youth reduce the risk of chronic health issues, fromLearning is an ingredientdiabetes to obesity. for life success.Once you help meet the most basic but far toooften-overlooked needsfood, health, housing, safety and supportthen you can focus on other areas, from education to planning for the future. Of course, we cant do it alone. The community, from donors to volunteers, and numerous organizationscounty social services to local school districtsall play a vital role ensuringthe wellness of our youth in Nevada County.We opena world of opportunitiesand new experiences.2 0 2 0 C O M M U N I T Y R E P O R T | T H E F R I E N D S H I P C L U B 7'