b'STRONG FOUNDATIONCreating a T rauma comes in many forms. Sometimes our girls face anMentors make a huge extreme obstacle in their lives. Often, they face many more.difference in our girls lives.What does trauma look like and how can we measure or define it? Trauma is poverty, hunger, neglect, abuse, parent incarceration, unaddressed parental mental health and/or drug addiction, and violence. Trauma can lead to anxiety, depression, substance use. It can also lead to chronic heart disease, diabetes and lifelong adversity. The Friendship Club provides youth who have faced these traumatic life experiences with the resources and support to work through the pain. They find a path to healthy relationships, healthy coping skills and healthy outcomes. They enjoy an environment of safety, love and compassion through The Friendship Club.When youth join The Friendship Club, they make a choice to be an active participant in their future. We provide continued opportunities for connection, education and support. Youth begin to see they have control over their lives and can work hard to have the future they want. They gain skills that create a strong foundation for a healthy and productive life. Many attend college and career technical education. They become nurses and teachers, business owners and entrepreneurs. They become parents and raise their children with love, respect and compassion. They break the cycle of generational poverty and addiction, and they give back to their communities.They escape trauma and have more opportunities for success in every aspect of their lives.See pages 11 and 12 to see how we helped to changetwo girls lives.Introducing youth to careersis one way to help them grow.Our graduatesshare their appreciation and enthusiasm forthe future.2 0 2 0 C O M M U N I T Y R E P O R T | T H E F R I E N D S H I P C L U B 9'