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Attend our Youth Hub 2021 Summer Day Camp!

The Youth Hub Summer Day Camp is a fun and educational camp for youth that will be offered as week-long sessions for six consecutive weeks this summer. Participants can choose to attend as many weeks they would like.

When: Weekdays from June 21 to July 30 (Closed July 5)

Time: 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Where: Deer Creek Elementary School and Seven Hills Middle School

Ages: The camp is open to transitional kindergarteners to 9th graders

Fees & Scholarships: The camp is available for all families, regardless of their household income. For low income families camp may be available at no cost. The most any family would pay is $175 a week per child. Payments can be made online, or by check or cash. The registration link includes a chart to determine your fees.

Attendance: Children can attend daily and stay the entire time or just a few hours, depending on the needs of their family. However, parents must sign-up their children for a week at a time.  

Meals & Snacks: Participants will receive breakfast and lunch, and a morning and afternoon snack.

Weekly themed activities: The six-week day camp will offer a range of age-appropriate activities on numerous subjects, including art, reading, writing, math, science and technology. The goal is to help students develop their cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.

Week 1: June 21-June 25

After a long year, we are ready to play! As we kick off the summer, we will get to know each other through play. Board games, card games, word games and outdoor games. This week is all about fun. We’ll even design our own games.

Week 2: June 28 – July 2

Why wait all year to celebrate your birthday when we can celebrate now? This week, we will celebrate everyone’s birthday! We will explore what birthday celebrations look like around the world — and how they can be different even in our own community. Who doesn’t love a weeklong birthday celebration?

Week 3: July 6 – July 9

Laughter is good for your health and brain! Come spend the week laughing with us. Campers will learn how to write a good joke, watch funny movies and practice their standup routines. For those comfortable, we will hold a comedy show at the end of the week.

Week 4: July 12 – July 16

Drawing, painting, pottery, plays, drama, movies and writing … There is something for everyone as we explore the arts this week. Campers will get to spend the week learning new art forms, practicing the ones they like, and discovering that everyone is creative.

Week 5: July 19 – July 23

Building things out of cardboard. Playing with robots. Learning to code. The future is the limit this week as campers explore technology, practice creative problem solving and work with their hands.

Week 6: July 26 – July 30

The last week of camp focuses on science. Using hands-on projects (developmentally appropriate), campers will explore chemical reactions, weird science, fun experiments and everything in between.

This camp is offered in partnership with Nevada County Health and Human Services

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