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If you missed it, watch the 2021 Community Update!

Bright Futures for Youth is a community-focused nonprofit organization committed to addressing the ever-changing needs of youth, from sixth-graders to those in their mid-20s in Nevada County.

Teens and adolescents face many challenges and many changes that are part of growing up. It’s a time to figure out who they are, what they value and hope to achieve. A little extra support, tools and resources along the way can make a big difference and help youth overcome obstacles. There certainly are more challenges today than when we started in 1995.

Bright Futures for Youth, created by the merger of The Friendship Club and NEO in summer 2020, has three programs to address the issues and help youth in numerous ways, from after-school programs and a drop-in Youth Center to ensuring access to services. Our focus areas are health and wellness, healthy relationships, goal setting, self-awareness, self-sufficiency and community connectedness.

We’re about helping youth today to ensure a better future for tomorrow.

Please learn more about our programs, our mission, our successes – and how you can help.