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Monthly donations add up – and make a difference, in so many ways

Bright Futures for Youth is committed to the community – and its children and young adults.

From after-school programs and a soon-to-open youth center to ensuring access to clothing, food, health care, counseling and even housing, Bright Futures for Youth’s focus has always been on the next-generation in Nevada County.

It is a demanding but highly rewarding effort. Bright Futures for Youth changes lives today – and tomorrow.

And our supporters are just as committed to Bright Futures for Youth and our three core programs – The Friendship Club, NEO and SAFE. They know their investment pays off, many times over.

But as many long-term focused, savvy investors know, money and time work together very well. 

That same practice pays off for Bright Futures for Youth, too.

We are asking current and future supporters to consider making a monthly donation, which has the power of compounding – and a collective impact.

For example, if 300 people committed just $25 per month, we could raise $90,000 per year. That support alone would cover the cost for several hundred youth to attend summer camps, hang out with friends in the new NEO Youth Center and have access to much-needed services, from clothing to counseling services.

All for less than $1 per day. 

Monthly donations also help in another often-overlooked but very important way – they provide a consistent and significant stream of funding. Just as investors set up automatic contributions for an ETF or mutual fund, a monthly donation benefits Bright Futures for Youth today and down the road.

We would appreciate being one of your monthly investments – and promise positive results every day.

As always, we appreciate your consideration, time – and support.