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Leo Granucci: ‘Please join me in financially supporting … and investing in youth in Nevada County’

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“I’ve found the best way to learn the value of the Friendship Club was to observe a participant who was going through the program. I had that opportunity because my wife volunteered and became a mentor to a number of the girls. I’d just like to share with you my experience with her first mentee. This young girl came into the program, sixth grade, she was taken away from her family to live with her sister because of drug addiction in the family. When I first met her, it was obvious she was very quiet, very shy, very low self-confidence and self-esteem, and I’m not sure of what the future was going to bring for her … And as I watched her through her journey, I saw her confidence build. I saw her communication, and social skills improve significantly. She became very good friends with many of the other participants in the program, and basically the Friendship Club became her family. Now she is preparing to graduate from high school and the Friendship Club.”

“If you have the capacity, please join me in financially supporting the efforts of this new organization and investing in our youth in Nevada County … Open your checkbook and join me in continuing to support this new organization. Investing in our youth you today will benefit our community greatly because today’s youth is our tomorrow future. So, let’s get behind and support them.”

– Leo Granucci, Community Leader and Philanthropist