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The Friendship Club: ‘Opened up a whole new world for me’

Native Wren, in downtown Grass Valley
Native Wren, in downtown Grass Valley

“I started the Friendship Club when I was about 10 years old. When I was young, my mom was a drug addict and that proposed quite a few … difficulties in my life. So, when I got into the Friendship Club, it really opened up a whole new world to me. I was able to have a safe place to go that felt comforting and welcoming. I was also able to be involved with things and activities that I may not have otherwise been involved with. Things like camping. We had a tea party once, which was very fun. I was also involved in mentorships, such as a fine art, dance and one of my most favorite and treasured things that I was involved in was having an angel (mentor). She was the one who really inspired me. She gave me so much to look up to … She showed me what it was like to run a business, unknowingly, and how to be a strong, independent woman.

– Wrynna Kohler, Friendship Club alum