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Lights on Top of Litton Hill After-School Party

Lights on Top of Litton After-School Party

Bright Futures for Youth will celebrate Lights on After-school and the life-changing benefits of such programs 3:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 200 Litton Drive in Grass Valley. The event is for adults and youth between ages 11 and 18.

The community is invited to attend the free event that includes live music, a bounce house, lawn games, a rock wall, and free grilled cheese sandwiches and Lazy Dog ice cream.

Lights on After-school events are held nationwide to raise awareness about the importance of after-school programs like Bright Futures for Youth and two of its three programs – The Friendship Club and NEO.

The Friendship Club and NEO assist hundreds of children and young adults every year in Nevada County. Bright Futures for Youth’s after-school programs create a safe and supervised environment for children and young adults. Youth connect with each other, learn life skills, get help on their homework and many other benefits from the programs.

In addition, Bright Futures for Youth ensures that children and young adults have much-needed services such as healthy meals and clothing to access to health care and counseling.

“Our after-school programs, like many others in the community and nationwide, have evolved to meet the changing needs of children and young adults and their families during the past several years. After-school programs are critical to communities and families, providing safe and fun places for youth to go. Children left on their own unsupervised are more likely to make bad choices and struggle in school.”

Jennifer Singer, Executive Director of Bright Futures for Youth

The Lights on After-school event Oct. 25 is in the backyard of Bright Futures for Youth. The event will move inside if it rains.

More information: Cheryl Rubin, 530-265-4311 or

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