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The SAFE program helped young mother get prenatal care and find housing

Bouncing between motels and escaping an abusive relationship, “G” was dealing with hard-to-imagine challenges and much uncertainty. 

Until she learned about Bright Futures for Youth’s SAFE program.

“It’s quite hard to put into words,” says “G” of her experience being homeless for several months. “It was difficult. It had so many ups and downs.”

One of the biggest “ups” was learning about the SAFE program, which provides a range of services for young people experiencing homelessness in Nevada County, from clothing and food to ensuring access to counseling and health care. 

“I had a really great county worker who introduced me to the program,” says “G.” “I wish I had known about it sooner.”

“G” hung out on occasion in the SAFE Drop-in Center in Grass Valley, a place where young people experiencing homelessness can apply for services, grab a bite to eat, get food from the food pantry, or just enjoy some down time in a safe setting.

“I’ve used almost all of the resources available at the Drop-in Center,” says “G.” “It’s a great resource for people to have. It’s a very cozy and comfortable place to be.”

And that is critical when you are faced with housing instability. The county found “G” a motel room in Nevada City, but it was a short-term solution for a long-term problem – the need for permanent affordable and safe housing. A home where she could cook meals, hang clothes, and receive mail.

SAFE case managers Kendra Hill and Kaitlin Bisdee helped “G” apply for assistance from several programs, including housing and prenatal care. Now, “G” and her newborn son live in an apartment.

“They have done an amazing job,” says “G” of Kendra, Kaitlin and others with the SAFE program.

It is the latest step in a long journey for “G,” a Nevada County native.

“I have to focus on getting back to work,” says “G,” who has her CNA (certified nursing assistant) license, and has been a caregiver for almost three years in Nevada County. 

“I want to put my life together,” says “G,” who would also like to return to school and earn her cosmetology license. 

The SAFE program has helped “G” find many of the pieces.

“Thank you for helping such a great program that helps so many people in the community,” says “G” to SAFE’s many supporters. “There is so much comfort.”