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New NEO Youth Center at Bright Futures for Youth’s Offices on Litton Hill

$500,000 Capital Campaign started to fund effort

Bright Futures for Youth is still working on construction to open a new NEO Youth Center at its offices on Litton Hill in Grass Valley in late October.

The NEO Youth Center will provide after-school programs and life-skills classes, and occasional weekend activities for children and young adults. The NEO Youth Center – the first in Nevada County – will offer a long list of activities and events, from art workshops to live music and open-mic nights in a safe and supervised setting.

The 3,700-square-foot NEO Youth Center will include a café, a game area, a music room, small stage and patio. 

Floor Plan


Detailing the Need for the NEO Youth Center

Several hundred youth participate every year in NEO’s after-school programs, summer camps and weekend activities.

The NEO Youth Center has been a dream in the works for a few years, put on hold with the COVID pandemic.

You can make the dream a reality with a tax-deductible donation to Bright Futures for Youth’s Capital Campaign for the NEO Youth Center. Bright Futures for Youth is looking to raise $500,000 for the NEO Youth Center, which includes construction costs and other building-related expenses, such as rent, insurance and maintenance.

The most generous donors will have the option to have their names displayed in specific areas of the NEO Youth Center. For example, the Music Room or stage area.

If you are interested in learning more about the Capital Campaign and becoming a supporter of the NEO Youth Center, please contact:

Cheryl Rubin, 530-265-4311 ext. 206 or

The NEO Youth Center is scheduled to open in late October, following an extensive renovation of the space on the ground floor of the Litton Building at 200 Litton Drive. The well-known building is already home to Bright Futures for Youth’s three programs – The Friendship Club, NEO and SAFE.

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Need some sunshine? Here you go, check out the video. 

Many Bright Futures for Youth children and young adults had a blast during our Lights on Top of Litton Hill event. Connecting with friends and making new ones, and having fun in a fast-paced, ever-changing and stress-filled world is just one of the many reasons that youth should participate in our program.